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Learn the simple but powerful strategies you need to
solve your worst workplace problems, energize your people and
“Be the Manager 
Other Managers Envy and
Bosses Can't Wait to Reward”
while attending “How to Supervise People and Lead a Team”
Dear Hannibal Area Chamber Member:
You know who I’m talking about. She’s the one who turns other managers green with envy... the one they’re talking about when they say things like:
● “Hey, if my team were like his team I could work wonders too.”
● “Of course she always meets deadlines. HER people actually care about results.”
● “I don’t get it. I’ve got a bunch of difficult people and he doesn’t have a single one.”
● “It’s not fair. Her team never makes her look bad.”
So how do they do it? Sheer good luck? Not likely. Exceptional talent? Not always. 
Nope. What sets these “Superstar” managers apart is a couple of absolutely essential things – they've learned how to turn EVERY employee into an asset (even the really difficult ones) AND they've learned how to turn ALL their people into an enthusiastic, committed, well-led team.
If THEY Can Do it, So Can YOU
Look, every manager gets stuck with difficult employees from time to time – employees who gossip, cry at the drop of a hat, bring personal problems to work, challenge authority, miss deadlines and generally make life a burden.
The best managers, though, have discovered how to deal with problems like that without missing a beat. And now you can, too, during a short, intensive and (amazingly enough) enjoyable seminar that will show you how to effortlessly 
● defuse tension, 
● derail toxic behavior and 
● defang even the most malicious employees. 
So you can manage those difficult people effectively, bring them solidly into the team and get them producing the way they should be.
“Glenn’s seminar is responsible for turning around my whole organization. It's like a different company now!”
Ginger Bogle 
Community Hospices of America 
Joplin, MO 
Make Yourself a Hero (and Have a Ball Doing it)
Believe it or not, managing effectively can be a blast – I know that from doing it myself as the owner of a very successful business for 20 years.
To make it fun, though, YOU have to be in control – ready to pounce on problems before they take hold and empowered with the skills to lead people to success. Skills like the ones I teach in my seminar, including:
● The one strategy you MUST know to fix bad attitudes. Use it and watch problem employees turn into stars.
● How to keep employees from challenging you with just 5 perfectly polite but almost magically powerful words.
2 simple things that actually motivate people more than money. A plus under any circumstances but a HUGE blessing if your company or organization is on a tight budget. (If you're NOT on a tight budget in today's world, please invite me to come to YOUR seminar.)
● A quick and easy action you can take to stop gossip
● How to fire without fear – because you know what you're doing is not only necessary but totally and completely legal. I admit it, even my strategies can't fix every situation. There ARE times when you need to fire someone before he or she sets you up for a lawsuit
● How to recognize the line between helping employees and enabling them -- and keep from crossing it. If kindness comes naturally to you, you need this information NOW.
And that’s just for starters.
You'll also learn how to deal with tattletales, whiners, office hypochondriacs (and others who think having a hangover or tickets to the game entitles them to sick leave), folks who throw temper tantrums, bosses who don't back you up and lots more.
“Glenn understands how to solve the challenges of managing people better than anyone.”
Ted and Nancy Heaton
Ted Heaton State Farm
Austin, TX
Real World Solutions
In short, I’ve packed this program with the real world strategies you need to improve your skills, build a happier, more productive workplace and impress the sox off your superiors.
So how do I cram it all into just 3 hours? Experience counts – and I've coached literally thousands of managers over the years. I know what strategies have allowed them to dramatically increase their income, status and personal satisfaction. And those are exactly the strategies I'll lay out for you – simply, clearly and with YOUR needs in mind.
Learn to Lead
But managing effectively is only part of the story. Because the top managers don’t just manage, they LEAD their teams to success.
According to President Dwight D. Eisenhower -- who had more leadership experience than just about anybody I can think of -- that means they’re skilled in “the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”
Think about that for a moment. Any good manager can get people to give 100% – after all, if they don’t routinely do so you can simply fire them. But getting them to give 110% (or more) every day takes something more. It takes the ability to motivate people, excite them and get them to commit to you... in short it takes leadership.
As part of this seminar I’ll let you in on the key principles those “star” managers use every day to do that – and show you how to unlock your leadership potential by using them yourself.
“I’ve been using Glenn's material for two years now, and 
they’ve been the best of my career!”
Randy Jameson
Adorn LLC
Elkhart, IN
Get to Great Faster With Three Big Bonuses
As I mentioned before, I’ve coached thousands of managers and I’ve got a pretty good idea what issues are holding you back.
So to speed your trip from where you are today to where you want to be, I’ve also included three important bonus modules in my presentation – information that will solve some of your biggest problems and earn you a reputation for exceptional performance.
Bonus #1: Starting With the Best People
In this section, I'll give you the tools you need to find and hire the very best employees. These are the strategies the big headhunters don't want you to know – roadmaps to where the bright, motivated people you need are hiding.
You'll learn:

●  How to find people who truly WANT to work (as opposed to the all-too-plentiful folks who just want a paycheck.)

●  How to spot red flags on job applications virtually instantly – the kind of signals that fairly scream “don't waste your time interviewing this one.”

● Hiring techniques that absolutely slash turnover – letting you avoid unnecessary recruitment and training that costs money and makes you look bad.  

● The single MOST powerful, MOST revealing interview question you could ever ask. Use this when you really need to know what kind of person you're talking to.

● A special “Truth Serum” that will give you the power to instantly tell when people are lying to you. 

Bonus #2: Managing Generation Y
They’re energetic, tech savvy and full of potential. Unfortunately, these young employees are also so used to being showered with constant praise they tend to wilt (or bristle) if you criticize them for the slightest thing.
They were raised in a world where gratification was instant, rules and dress codes nonexistent and everyone got a trophy just for being there.
Manage them right and they’ll bring creativity and enthusiasm to your team. Ignore the important ways they differ from Boomer and Gen X workers and they’ll job hop at a moment’s notice.
Bonus #3: Delegating Your Way to Success
Inspiring your team doesn’t count for much if you don’t actually let them DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.
I’ll show you:

●  why doing it yourself only looks easier.

● how to “back brief” so effectively your employees always know exactly what’s expected of them.

● a strategy for setting deadlines that absolutely assures the job gets done on time.

●  why planning for failure is the best way to avoid it.

“I learned more in Glenn's seminar than in 10 years 
as a supervisor!”
Rosemary Galayda
Lake Country Prosecutor 
Painesville, OH 
Why THIS Seminar? 
My Experience and Your Convenience
You want to lead, make a difference and, quite frankly, be a star. So you're more than ready to learn the most successful management strategies on the planet. 
But where? And from whom?
May I suggest that the seminar I'll be holding at the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce on March 1 is your very best choice.
Not only have I walked a ton of miles in your shoes as a business owner with plenty of people to manage, I'm also the best-selling author of four books on management. 
What's more, supervisors in 17 countries look forward eagerly to my weekly management newsletter and literally thousands of managers say the skills I've taught them have made them – and their organizations – happier and more productive. So when I say I'm experienced, I mean it – and I'm willing to back up that claim with this rock-solid GUARANTEE: 
If you aren't completely satisfied with the tools, strategies and tactics you learn at my seminar, I'll refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked.
Plus, I'm bringing all that experience right to your neighborhood – so you won’t waste a single drop of that precious gas. And you can be stingy with your organization's budget and your own valuable time – because this seminar takes only 3 hours and costs just $149 (Only $129 for chamber members).

Click this black button to save your seats now.
Act Fast, Get More
That strikes me as a pretty fair deal –but I'll go one step further.
Knowing promptly how many people will be at a seminar makes it easier for my staff to assure everyone's comfort. SO… If you sign up before February 26th I’ll:
Give you a handsome and inspirational Glenn’s Rules of Work Poster
(an additional $20 value - for FREE!)
So there you have it – the strategies and tools you need to take charge, make things happen and become the kind of manager people admire, consult and, yes, envy. All available at a location near you for a price you can afford. 
Plus a fun gift if you act fast.
Click on this button to reserve your seats. 
I look forward to seeing you in Hannibal on March 1st.

Glenn Shepard
P.S. If you're ready to move up from being a good manager to being a star YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM – because I'll show you how to build and lead a team that gets things done, impresses the higher ups and make you look good day after day after day.
P.P.S. My private clients pay $500 per hour to consult with me and tell me I'm worth every penny. So this seminar is one heck of a bargain
P.P.S. Keep in mind that there is zero risk to attending this seminar because if you’re not totally satisfied I'll refund ALL your money.